CBD Law and Cannabiz



CBD oil is becoming the most sought-after cannabis commodity globally and for good reason.  CBD oil has all of the really great anxiety busting, pain-reducing, sleep-inducing properties of marijuana without the psychedelic properties.  It is what many who hope for the legalization of marijuana are actually looking for.

The reason that it does not get you high is very simple.  It is not made, not from marijuana, but from hemp.  Yes, hemp does have a very low amount of THC but it is really an industrial crop.  It is until you process it into CBD oil anyway.

One obstacle to legalizing CBD oil would be regulation of dosing.  Someone who is on large amounts of narcotic pain pills may not want to stay on them, but they also are not going to reach for something with an indeterminate amount of the byproduct of hemp that will aid their pain.  It takes a lot of Hemp to make CBD oil and that hemp has to be processed a lot to get it and that makes it very difficult to regulate.

CBD oil is legal in some states but because it is not legal in all states and the federal government has not legalized it for the country, transporting it across state lines is not legal.  It can be a very complicated investment.  It is one that many people are investing in because they want to have an investment in place for when it can be sold countrywide.  It is an investment some are hesitant to make because of the legal turmoil.

Cannabiz Collections is an agency dedicated to navigating investments in hemp and CBD oil manufacturing from the beginning.  From background checks to writing checks, you will be covered and know that there is a nationally licensed team of attorneys to protect you and your assets.  Because the attorneys are nationally licensed it does not matter what state you are in or the grower is in because knowledge of both states is close at hand.

The company goal is to recoup your financial losses and retain your relationship with the grower so that once they have started up again you will have the opportunity to reinvest.  By starting and staying with Cannabiz there is continuity with paperwork and a problem can easily be traced back to its origins as opposed to hoping you have it.  Efficiency is important for the upstart and the maintenance of a business.  Continuity is good in all areas of business.

Until the laws surrounding marijuana and its far more mellow cousin changes, the fight to make things with hemp and fine tune the CBD oil production process are incredibly stunted.  The profits are great but the risk is ever-present.  With a product that is on the border of legal and illegal, you want to make sure that you invest very carefully.  Having proper documentation can protect not only your finances but your family and home as well.  Contact Cannabiz Collections today.


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